Bathroom Bills are Bullshit

Bathroom sink

Content Warning The following post contains some traumatic and triggering scenarios. There is foul language and references to body parts. North Carolina just made it a law that transgender people will no longer be able to use bathrooms in state owned buildings. It’s only slightly more nuanced than that, but the reality is that implementing … [Read more…]

Naming Things is Hard

On October 13th, I posted on here about the fact that I’m genderfluid & non-binary. At the time that was all I was willing to post. However, over the last couple months I have realized that my birthname isn’t one I’m comfortable with. So I picked a new one.

Hello World

This isn’t an easy post for me to write. I hadn’t planned on writing it yet, but then on October 2nd, 2015 I gave a talk and while I knew what is in my slides, I didn’t realize I was outing myself while I was speaking. I guess I was just in the zone. This … [Read more…]