Speaking at MidwestUX

I’m active in the community presenting talks around design, accessibility, empathy, and building better interfaces. Over the last several years I have presented at nine major conferences as well as screencasts and podcasts.

Because I believe in the community and in teaching others to help grow the community and the things we do, I have primarily funded these ventures from my own pocket. This isn’t something that is maintainable in the long run.

Please contact me if you’d like me to give a presentation or be on
your show. If participating requires travel, please see my rider below.


  • Organizers will pay for travel to the event
  • Organizers will pay for lodging while at the event
  • Lodging can be hotel or AirBNB (I choose the AirBNB)
  • We can negotiate you paying upfront or reimbursing me


Designing With Empathy

Presented at

  • OSFeels, Seattle, WA, 2015

Infinite Canvas, Screencast, 2015

CTRLClickCast, Podcast, 2015

Episode 49: Accessibility 101

UX of Stairs: When Simple Things Aren’t So Simple

Presented at

  • CodePaLousa, Louisville, KY, 2015
  • That Conference, Wisconsin Dells, WI, 2014
  • Midwest UX, Indianapolis, IN, 2014

Accessibility: Building Accessible Web Apps, 2014

Presented at

  • Ruby Hangouts, 2014

Archived Talks

2013 CodePaLousa, Louisville, KY

  • Building Great Web Experiences for All Users – Workshop
  • Turning the Titanic: Getting Large Enterprise to think Mobile First

2012 Madison Ruby, Madison, WI

  • Building the Web for Everyone

2010 Madison Non-Profit Day, Madison, WI

  • Non-Profits and the Accessible Web

2010 BarCamp Madison 3, Madison, WI

  • Photo touch-up 101 with Photoshop
  • Accessibility with Web and Mobile Technologies

2010 BarCamp Milwaukee 5, Milwaukee, WI

  • Accessibility with Web and Mobile Technologies

2009 BarCamp Milwaukee 4, Milwaukee, WI

  • Section 508 and You: Or How I Learned to Love the Alt Attribute
  • When Vegans Attack: Health, Ecological and Humanitarian Reasons to Be Vegan