Here are a few projects and experiments I'm currently involved with:

A11y Project

Making #A11Y tips and tricks easier to digest and leveraging the community into the cloud. The Accessibility Project is a community-driven effort to make web accessibility easier.

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Tired of the CSS grids out there and all the hack in classes needed to make them responsive, I decided to embrace flexbox and create my own grid.

Key features include the fact that you can put your grid in your CSS instead of your HTML making cleaner HTML and allowing you to use media queries to resize your content with flexbox.

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Flexbox Prefixes

I had an itch needing prefixes for the modern Safari browsers. This is a Sass library to add those in.

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JavaScript library and bookmarkelt to redact foul language from screens for demo purposes in a CIA blackout marker style.

Redacted.js is a small library to simply blackout those words (or an array of words you pass) so they don't appear in your page.
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Prototypes for a other projects I've done or things I'm working on.

Animation Off Switch

See the Pen Animation switch by Nat Tarnoff (@nattarnoff) on CodePen.

CSS only background image blur

See the Pen How to background blurring with one image by Nat Tarnoff (@nattarnoff) on CodePen.

SVG hover effects

See the Pen ZYLyeY by Nat Tarnoff (@nattarnoff) on CodePen.

CSS only button popovers

See the Pen bGhln by Nat Tarnoff (@nattarnoff) on CodePen.

Accessible CSS only skewed navigation

See the Pen Skewed navigation by Nat Tarnoff (@nattarnoff) on CodePen.