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I do that which I don’t know how to do, so that I may know how to do it. -Picasso


I’ve worked for the past decade developing accessible web and mobile interfaces
for companies of all sizes, ensuring that your interfaces comply with Section
508, American Disabilities Act, and WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

Accessibility Assessment

My accessibility assessment will include a product analysis, review of
recommended guidelines, and suggestions for remediation using the assistive
technology tools that are most prevelant on the market,
including JAWS, Voiceover, and NVDA. My assessment review commonly includes:

  • Broken links
  • Missing image information
  • Improper form structure
  • Improper hierarchy and document structure
  • Color and contrast effectiveness

Accessibility Remediation

Once the assessment is complete, I offer in-house remediation, remote
pair-programming, and/or ongoing training on accessibility best practices.

My experience includes working within MVC systems including Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, .NET, and PHP.

Front End Development

Front end development has been my preferred space from the very beginning of
my career. I can be brought on to supplement your existing team or kickoff a new project
assisting you to more efficiently meet your timelines and goals, always with
accessibility as my foremost goal.

I craft strong HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript applications and websites
using a variety of tools including: Sass, Less, and Stylus CSS Preprocessors;
HTML5 frameworks like Bootstrap, Material Design, and Foundation; JavaScript
libraries such as Angular, Node, React, jQuery, and Ember.

Accessibility Training

Get your company booked on my training circuit — My curriculum can be
brought directly into your facilities for a focused training.
I offer in-depth presentations on accessibility, but can also tailor
training to fit your specific business needs.

Reach Out & Let’s Work Together

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