Infinite Canvas 6 With Rachel Nabors

Last week I got to be on a podcast. This week I appear on a screencast with Rachel Nabors talking about vestibular disorders in general and how animation may affect a user on your site.

If you don’t know who Rachel is, she is an amazing illustrator, cartoonist, speaker and animator using all those skills to shine a light on the web can be a better place with the right kinds and amounts of animation.

We had a lot of fun recording it, but I need to get a better microphone, sorry for the scratchiness that my beard brings. Also, we had a few problems trying to record it. Running Skype, Camtasia, Quicktime, and all the websites we looked at kept crashing our GPUs.

The screencast is on Youtube, and you should totally subscribe. She hasn’t done one in a while and it could be another while before we see another, so unlike the podcast episode I did, I’m embedding the video here.

Enjoy! Hit us up on Twitter with any questions you may think of.

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