Kohlrabi & Beet Coleslaw

So this past week in the CSA we received a head of cabbage, my first kohlrabi ever and some beets. I don’t remember the last time I ate a beet. I have never been a big cabbage fan. But seeing these three things in the box, all I could think about was…coleslaw! The recipe was “baked” in my head before I knew it, I just needed to find a good slaw sauce that was vegan because most are made with mayo or at least egg.

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Jambalaya with Tofurkey Sausage

So this week, I had a craving for some good jambalaya, but I couldn’t find any recipe. I checked out a couple of non-vegan versions to see what kind of ingredients would be used. After reviewing a few things out there, I concocted this, which knocked my socks off. So I am here to share it with you, with two ways to cook it – On the spot, and in the crock pot.

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Blazin’ Three Bean Chili

This one comes with a warning. If you make this recipe as specified below, you better like hot foods. This what I call a triple burner, once on the way in, once while digesting and once on the way out. Now, not everyone feels hot foods the same way, but if anything I make is a triple burner, this is it. Feel free to modify your recipe to eliminate some of the peppers and spices until you get it to the heat you like. When I use hot peppers, I never take the seeds out. This is where all your flavor really comes from. If you find the peppers to be too hot, reduce the amount used instead of removing the seeds.

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Black Bean Burgers with Roasted Pepper and Garlic

Having to fed two omnivore children, especially when one leans to be more of a carivore, is always a challenge in a vegan house. One of the tricks I have found is to work with omnivorous meals and make them vegan. We have had the commercial burger patties in the past, but not all of those are actually vegan. I conceived this recipe as a variant of one my brother and sister-in-law make for their family. The flavor is off the charts, and when there are left overs, you can turn them into burritos instead of burgers.

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