Leaving home for a new adventure

A little over four years ago I was in a tough spot. I didn’t have a job, my lease was up and I didn’t know what I was going to do. I had burned through my savings, charged up my credit cards and prepaid on a storage garage for three months, using up the last of my money. I moved all my stuff into that garage or sold it and planned on moving into my parent’s office at the age of 34.

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Learning to Let Go

In the Beginning…

For ten years I have been dealing with chronic pain in the form of daily, debilitating migraines. Unlike some people who get migraines every couple of months that may last a few hours to a few days, my migraines show up every. They come in swaths of anywhere from as few as three and up to as many as eighteen in a single day and they would last from 15 minutes to three hours.

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Gluten Free Vegan Mac & Cheese

One of my favorite dishes has always been Mac & Cheese. Growing up we’d have the classic Kraft box dinner on a regular basis, but I only ate homemade mac & cheese if we went to a family get together. One of my aunts made it with the crusty breadcrumb top, but hell if I can remember which one it was.

When I began cooking for the kids, I actually looked at what was in the Kraft dinner and decided I could do better. When I went vegan I longed for the dish and eventually found a reasonable cheese replacement and enjoy it we did a couple times a month. When Sara joined us, I needed to find a gluten free version. We now eat this once a week.

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CSS Process and Workflow

For the last month I have been trying to spend more time with improving my workflow in front end development. Then at work I got the opportunity to present my findings to my team. I put this little deck together on http://slid.es, which uses reveal.js to make pretty presentations.

I spoke about two tools (Sass and LiveReload) and one process (SMACSS) I have begun using on a daily basis.

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CodePaLOUsa: Day One

What a fun day! There was a little confusion in the scheduling, but everything worked out well.

It does appear some people interpreted the schedule to have me presenting the same thing twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I was under the impression that I was presenting once all day. As it turns out my content was just enough to fill up the morning and I was available and able to present it again in the afternoon. In total I had about thirty people attend my presentation Building Great Web Experiences For All.

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CodePaLOUsa 2013

This week is CodePaLOUsa in Louisville, Kentucky. I hear it is pronounced L-uh-villl, but maybe I'm wrong.

I'll be on stage twice this weekend presenting "Turning the Titanic: Getting Large Enterprise to Think Mobile First" and doing a workshop on Thursday, "Bulding Great Web Experiences for All Users" with a focus on accessibility. You can check out my sample site for that at Project Alice. It will also be the sample site for the book of a similar name (the name is unofficial still) I am working on. Hopefully that will be completed next month and self-published.

Whole Wheat Pretzels

When I was a kid growing up on the east coast we would travel to New York City and Philadelphia. Each time I would beg my parents to get one of the soft pretzels from the guys on the corner. Nothing was better as a kid, and they remain one of my favorite snacks to this day. They fill you up and aren’t loaded with all of those horrible chemicals. The calorie count is low, and with my recipe using dark rye and whole wheat flours you get a better fiber and protein count into your system.

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Whole Wheat Herb Bread

This is my favorite bread. It rocks with any soup, chili or jambalaya dish that you put together. It also has the freedom to change up the spices and herbs to match what you like or the dish you are concocting. I make this with my breadmaker, but you could also do it by hand. You would have to mix the ingredients, let it rise, kneed it and rise again before baking though.

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