I’ll be Speaking at Scotland JS

I’m super excited to officially announce that I’ll be presenting my ‘UX of Stairs’ talk this May at Scotland JS in Edinburgh. This will be my first time leaving the United States other than a few trips to Ottawa, Canada when I was a kid, but does that really count? Just 3 days after CodePaLousa … [Read more…]

A Word on Color

Over the weekend, there has been a lot of buzz about ‘the dress’ and whether it is blue and black, or white and gold. The reality of the dress is that due to white balance in the camera, lighting conditions and the fact that everybody perceives color a little differently the true color of the … [Read more…]

Section 508 Rule Updates

The United States Access Board has just released details on how they plan on updating Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as well as guidelines for Section 255 of the Communications Act of 1934. These updates will have major impacts to people providing technology and telecommunication solutions to government entities and their subcontractors. … [Read more…]

Let’s Talk Protein

I have been a vegetarian or vegan for a nearly 10 years. I first chose to be a vegetarian after having read The China Study. My family has a history of heart disease and cancer, and I was following the same path as my father who had a heart attack at 41. The China Study … [Read more…]

People Driven Develeopment

As a developer, I hear terms like behavior driven development and test driven development being used constantly. And these are good methods for building software. The concept being you establish an expected behavior of your software and write testing scenarios to prove your software meets that behavior.

New Stickers

A while ago I made some stickers of my social media avatar so that I could pass them out as business cards at conferences. They were so popular, that I even sold a few via my site. Well today I added another sticker to my collection.


Joe is my grandfather. Like most people, I did have two, but Herman passed when I was just a toddler and I have no real memories of him. Joe is the one I remember. He was always there from my childhood until just before my kids became adults of their own.

New Site Design

A little while ago I introduced a new design to my site using a bunch of tricks I had learned over the last year. It didn’t feel like me, nor did it feel complete. So I did it again. Here are a couple of screenshots if you missed the last revision, hopefully it is cleaner … [Read more…]

Happy New Year’s 2015 Edition

Two thousand and fifteen. 2015. It will be a big year, I hope. I turn 40 this year. My baby boy turns 18. My little girl turns 16. All important birthdays. I’m also dedicating this year to tapping into my creative and design side more. For 20 years I barely picked up a pencil to … [Read more…]

MidwestUX – UX of Stairs

I took a little time off from speaking due to the new job and how difficult it was to gauge my abilities given my diagnosis of Chronic Subjective Dizziness (more commonly known as forever having vertigo without a reason). But this summer as I became more aware of my abilities and the story I have … [Read more…]