Designing with Empathy

This weekend I had the pleasure of speaking at the inaugural edition of Open Source & Feelings. It was an amazing conference tackling some really hard topics. I received really great feedback from the audience on my “Designing with Empathy” talk and several asked for the transcript as they couldn’t take notes fast enough. So … [Read more…]

Contributing to In Her Room Podcast

My friend, Sara Blackthorne, has been running a podcast for over 6 months now. She has 25 weekly episodes under her belt at In Her Room where she holds “meaningful conversation with women writers from around the world” (she is a much better writer than me, so I’ll use her words) and it is all … [Read more…]

Bored While Driving

For the last several weeks I have been commuting from my home near Madison four and half hours north to the city of Minneapolis. The only saving grace of all this driving is the fact I have satellite radio and don’t need to constantly switch playlists or hunt down radio stations en-route to the Twin … [Read more…]

Managing Chronic Illness While Working

Shortly after I developed my vestibular disorder, I began working remote, from home. Even before that, my employer accommodated me by letting me work from home if I ever had a really bad vertigo day. For the last two years, all my work has been remote, until this month. I’ve now figured out that I … [Read more…]

Infinite Canvas 6 With Rachel Nabors

Last week I got to be on a podcast. This week I appear on a screencast with Rachel Nabors talking about vestibular disorders in general and how animation may affect a user on your site. If you don’t know who Rachel is, she is an amazing illustrator, cartoonist, speaker and animator using all those skills … [Read more…]

I’m on CtrlClickCast Podcast Episode 49

Last fall I met the great hosts of CtrlClickCast at CSSDevConf and they were gracious enough to invite me on the show. I got together with Lea & Emily last week and recorded an episode on Accessibility. It was super fun! I hope to do more podcasts (but I need a better mic!).

Animated Gifs in Social Media Streams

Last week I encountered a pseudo 3D animated gif from Doritos that autoplayed while viewing my Twitter feed. This gif was brightly colored, and its “3D” effect triggered a vestibular attack and migraine. As I looked more into the issue, it isn’t just Twitter who does this. It also happens in our Instagram, Vine, Facebook, … [Read more…]