Apple Watch Emergency Alerts?

I live with a person who has a very severe allergy to fish and shellfish. So much so that going out to dinner is extremely hard. She carries an epipen in case she is exposed, and it can be as little exposure as walking into a restaurant having a fish fry. I have malignant hyperthermia, an extreme reaction to anesthetics. It’s genetic and my kids have it from both parents. My father has a pacemaker. For us, one of the coolest things to happen in iOS 8 was the ability to add the “Emergency” information, including links to call an emergency contact to the lock screen of the iPhone.

That got Sara and I thinking, what could we do with an Apple Watch?

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Turning the Titanic

In 2013, I was working for a Fortune 500 financial firm. During my four years there I had been pushing to make mobile development a first level priority. At the time it was a forgotten step-child. I had the opportunity to present on my experience at CodePaLOUsa that year. Given Google’s new policy on mobile and the fact that there are still big firms that aren’t mobile friendly, I thought I’d resurface the tale.

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