A Word on Color

Over the weekend, there has been a lot of buzz about ‘the dress’ and whether it is blue and black, or white and gold. The reality of the dress is that due to white balance in the camera, lighting conditions and the fact that everybody perceives color a little differently the true color of the … [Read more…]

People Driven Develeopment

As a developer, I hear terms like behavior driven development and test driven development being used constantly. And these are good methods for building software. The concept being you establish an expected behavior of your software and write testing scenarios to prove your software meets that behavior.

New Stickers

A while ago I made some stickers of my social media avatar so that I could pass them out as business cards at conferences. They were so popular, that I even sold a few via my site. Well today I added another sticker to my collection.

New Site Design

A little while ago I introduced a new design to my site using a bunch of tricks I had learned over the last year. It didn’t feel like me, nor did it feel complete. So I did it again. Here are a couple of screenshots if you missed the last revision, hopefully it is cleaner … [Read more…]