A Dream

At the very beginning of my career, heck as I was studying to start it, in web design and development I took a course on the laws surrounding web design. It was a short course and really only covered how Section 508 applies to building software for the government and their contractors. But during that … [Read more…]

With Great Transitions

Websites that have lots of movement have always bugged me a bit, but lately they are bugging me a lot more. I don’t know if this is because something in me is different or because or because I have become sympathetic to those that have disorders where motion affects them (Like Marissa).

Vestibular Disorders and the Internet

5by5.tv hosts Jeffrey Zeldman’s “The Big Web Show”. Episode #55 from September 1st had on budding web designer Marissa Christina of abledis.com to talk about living with and trying to become a web designer with a vestibular disorder. The program went back on forth on what it is like, becoming a designer and what we … [Read more…]

Mike: an Interview

I needed new tires on my car. Instead of waiting inside the stale waiting room of the auto repair shop with the greasy chairs and burnt coffee, I decided to head across the lot to the mall for some food, tea, and free wifi to get some work done. While eating my lunch, I noticed … [Read more…]

Do’s and Don’ts for Web Accessibility

While at this time the federal government has not made it mandatory or criminal if you do not, the larger your company is the more likely it could face a civil trial. Target Corporation has been through a suit filed by the American Council of the Blind in which the ACB won $6 million dollars … [Read more…]